& Answers

1.01 What does FirstListen offer?

FirstListen is revolutionizing how unsigned & independent artists get their music featured on the radio. With a reach of over 180 million listeners we help artists grow their exposure and reach new fans.

1.02 Why should I use FirstListen?

Our network of 850+ radio stations and 150+ markets allows you to get music in front of over 275 million monthly listeners *. This creates the exposure as an artist that you are looking for. 

* The amount of listeners who will hear your music is dependent upon markets and packages you select during onboarding.

1.03 How does it work?

Our team of advisors will schedule a call and work with you to select the markets of your interest and help you create the best plan with the most reach. 

You will then send us a CLEAN version of your song and our production team, which consists of radio executives and music industry experts, will create a powerful sixty-second feature to be aired on the radio. 

This feature will be strategically placed on radio, through advertising channels, to help grow your exposure and reach new listeners while targeting key demographics.

1.04 How much does the service cost?

There are many variables to consider when determining cost for our service. Are you looking for national exposure or more exposure locally? What platform will work best for your needs? Our team of advisors will work with you or your team to create the best plan with the most reach while keep service costs down.

1.05 Do I have to sign a contract?

The contract is defined by our terms. You can look them up on our website at any time.

1.06 How do I pay?

You can pay easily and securely via Stripe (Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover), via bank wire, or by check. 

For check payments please send to: 

ATTN: Payment Dept
4045 Spencer St, Suite A52
Las Vegas, NV 89119

1.07 What are Channels?

Radio – U.S. Stations: (Usually heard when driving in your car). With over 850 radio stations, we offer local activation with national reach. Individual station brands deliver the ability to connect with diverse audiences in local markets across the country.

Digital Streaming: (Usually heard when online or via streaming devices) Access to over 140 million listeners and available on over 250 platforms and over 2,000 different connected devices, utilizes these unique digital assets with massive reach to create innovative campaigns and programs for creating artist exposure.

1.08 What is a Feature?

A Feature is a 60 second clip of your song with donughts at the beginning and at the end.

1.09 Who creates the Feature?

Our production team which consists of radio executives and music industry experts at FirstListen will create a powerful sixty-second feature to be aired on the radio.

1.10 How long is the Feature?
The Feature is 60 seconds long.
1.11 Are there restrictions for my song?

The song must be a CLEAN version.

1.12 Can I have a copy of the Feature?

Absolutely! At request, we will send you the Feature.

1.13 How is this not Payola?

We use advertising channels to promote you as an artist, and will identify our promotion of you as paid advertising. We do not bribe or pay stations to play your music.

1.14 Do I get BDS credit?