How FirstListen.FM Works

There’s nothing that compares to getting your music played on the radio. It’s an effective method to reaching millions of listeners.

FirstListen.FM is designed to give the power of radio exposure back to the artist. FirstListen.FM is an affordable legal solution to getting your record placed on any of the national radio stations in our extensive database. Through FirstListen.FM you can reach millions of listeners while targeting specific demographics, by selecting the most suitable market to reach and grow your audience. FirstListen.FM is designed for independent artists or signed artists. It offers a unique marketing solution with one goal in mind, to break records and artists. FirstListen.FM revolutionizing how you get your music played on the radio.

FirstListen.FM works directly with radio stations to place your music on radio stations (known as Features). These radio features, are strategically placed to help grow your exposure and fan base. Within just a few steps you can select your target markets, frequency and upload your music. You can order online 24/7/365.

Select City and Feature Schedule

We currently offer feature placements in over 50+ Key Markets on the FirstListen.FM Platform. You can order your Radio Features directly online, 24/7/365. Depending on your budget and exposure requirements you can choose your city and feature schedule.

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Upload and Customize

Upload your CLEAN music and artist profile via your mobile device or computer during the ordering process. Our production team which consists of radio executives and music industry experts at FirstListen.Fm will create a powerful sixty-second feature to be aired on the radio.

Get Radio Spins

Play Schedule

You select the number of weeks, the city, and the number of times your music plays on the radio station.

Your features will be placed on a schedule and sent to you via email prior to the feature being aired on the radio. You can notify your fans and followers of when to tune in and hear your music on the radio.

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